What to Wear to A Casino Party

When attending or hosting a casino party, it’s essential to have the perfect attire to help you fit in and have fun! At Casino Parties Pittsburgh, we’re here to help you find the perfect outfit for your next casino party. Pittsburgh party goers will find tips throughout this article to put together a stunning casino outfit with everything from party dresses to accessories!

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For the Ladies: Casino Party Dresses

A classic black dress is an excellent choice for many events, including a casino party. Use a black dress you already have. Consider one with silver or gold embellishments for additional sparkle!

If you are looking for a more glamourous look,

consider a floor-length skirt or dress, but one that skims the knees works excellent too. If black isn’t your color, think of a deck of cards and go for gold or red colors paired with black pantyhose and high heels.

Don’t be shy. A casino party is a perfect time to bust out an extravagant outfit!

Add Some Bling with Accessories

Now that you’ve chosen your outfit, accessories are another place where you can go big and bold. Look for glittery statement pieces for your neck, ears, and wrists. The great thing about these

accessories is they can be costume jewelry. Look at your local dollar store or thrift store for fun rhinestone jewelry.

Hair and Makeup Styles to Complete the Look!

Polish off your look with the right hair and makeup style. The perfect look for a casino party is a darker, smoky makeup look. Red lipstick is a classic, along with bright blush and winged liquid liner. You can even add false lashes for more drama.

For hair, you can go the elegant route with an updo or leave your hair down in sultry curls. Consider using glitter on your hair or body for a flashy casino style.

Men’s Casino Party Outfits

Popular casino attire for men is typically an elegant tuxedo pulling out all the stops with cufflinks, a black bow tie, a pleated dress shirt, and classic suspenders. A white pocket square is also a nice touch. To save money, you can rent your tux from a costume rental shop, or you may be able to find the perfect outfit at a thrift store.

If you’re looking for a different style, you can go for shiny loafers, a white scarf, a top hat, and even a cane for a ritzy look!

Accessorize with Fun Props

This is where you can have some fun with props. Get some Monopoly money or play money, roll it into a wad, and make sure it can be seen sticking out of your pocket, so you look like a high roller. A bright-colored pair of dice or high-value chip you can toss in hand are both fun props.

Outfits for Themed Casino Parties

If you are looking for outfits for a themed casino party, consider these tips:

Las Vegas Casino Party

A Las Vegas themed casino party is your time to shine. While many of the ideas we have already mentioned above will work great for this theme, there are ways you can take it to the next level. Dress as a Las Vegas performer such as an Elvis impersonator or a Showgirl. Costumes liked this can be rented from costume shops. Las Vegas is all flash and glitter, so don’t be afraid to choose an imaginative and lavish outfit.

Queen of Hearts Casino Party

If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, this is a fun theme for a casino party! Take inspiration from the Queen of Hearts and her legion of playing cards with a red or black costume.

Monte Carlo Casino Party

Glamour and affluence are prominent in the Monte Carlo theme. Switch out your Monopoly money prop for fake Euros and consider wearing a fake suave mustache. Long necklaces, jewel hairpieces, gloves, and feather boas are all perfect accessories for this theme!

Casino Parties Pittsburgh

If you have the perfect outfit picked out, and really plan on bringing the game to this party, consider upping the quality a bit. Sometimes people host the event themselves, but with professional dealers and equipment success is in your reach.  Check out what we have to offer!


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