What are casino parties and what do they consist of?

When using our services for your big event, whether it’s a fundraiser, private party, wedding, holiday or any other occasion, we provide you with:

  • Our Countless Casino Games and ALL gaming equipment with accessories – This includes items such as cards and anything necessary to play the game.
  • Chips or play money, and raffle tickets.
  • Dealers or dealer training for volunteer dealers – Our dealers are trained to give you a real life casino experience or to train your volunteer dealers the proper techniques.
  • A casino pit boss on larger events or if requested can be added to small set-ups as well.
  • Delivery and set up – When we arrive we spare you the trouble of having to set up the equipment so you can start off the night relaxed as we prepare.
  • Tear down and clean up of equipment. – After your event is over we pack up all the party supplies for you so you can relax and enjoy the rest of your evening. No worries, just fun.

Prior to your event, we contact your venue to go over details regarding loading in, set-up times, and any type of tables or chairs we may need to use.

As professionals, we take pride in our work and love to see people enjoy themselves. We guarantee a great time and a memorable event!