What Do You Think?

We have had many successful casino nights with happy clients and guests. See here for more information on our past customers and learn more about what we can do for you!

By far one of the best entertainment companies in the area! Michelle was absolutely fantastic to work with. She may not want me to say this, but she even answered my phone call on a Sunday morning! She was extremely helpful in planning my fathers surprise 70th birthday party. We had a casino themed event that went over with out a hitch! The dealers were all very knowledgeable and fun to play/work with. The table games were all very classy and put together well. I would highly recommend having an event with Entertainment Unlimited, Inc. Thanks for being such a great company! You will be hearing from me again!

– Meghan (Private Party)

We were looking for entertainment for our prom night for our school. Casino parties did a great job with all the students and everyone had a lot of fun. They kept the students happy and entertained when they weren’t dancing so everyone could enjoy their time safely.

– Alyssa H., Pittsburgh, PA

Our company used casino parties for our fundraiser that we take part in each year. Set up was really easy and they had everything ready in no time. When the guests showed up we all got our tickets and started playing. Everyone had a blast and when it was time to go Casino party had no problem packing everything up. Everything worked out and we had a fantastic fundraiser!

– David, South Park, PA

I was holding a party for my small business and I wanted to do something different. I decided to hold a casino night event and Entertainment Unlimited made it perfect! They brought all the Vegas type games to us. Some people didnt know how to play all of the games, but that was no problem because the dealers explained everything and it was really easy to understand.

– John, Brighton Heights, PA