How To Have The Best Casino Party

How To Have The Best Casino Party

With casinos opening back up, you may still be hesitant to venture out, with COVID-19 concerns still prevalent. Luckily, for those who want to gather with friends but don’t want to head to the casino just yet, a casino party is a great option! Give yourself and your party-goers the complete casino experience without the health risks.

Casino parties are popular in Pittsburgh and are a safe way to socialize and have fun with family and friends. We’ve put together some tips to help you have the best casino night ever!

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Start Planning Early and Set a Budget

A casino night party has a lot of moving parts. From food and entertainment to hiring dealers and renting equipment, there is a lot to do, so it is best to plan early for a successful event. You will also want to set a budget by planning what food and drinks you plan to serve, prizes or favors you want to provide to guests, decorations you need to buy, entertainment you want to hire, and whether you are renting equipment and hiring professionals dealers.

Pick a Theme

You can keep it simple and let casino night be your theme, or you can take it up a notch and give your party a flashy Las Vegas theme with feathers, sequins, and flair. You may also want to go for an immersive experience and choose a famous casino and decorate your venue like the casino. You could also decorate separate rooms as different casinos to mimic the Las Vegas strip.

You could also do a James Bond-style evening with black ties and suits, big jewels and glamorous dresses.

Carefully Choose the Food and Drinks

Aside from the entertainment, two of the biggest things people remember from an event are the food and the drinks. Since people will be moving table to table, machine to machine, you will want to opt for easy-to-eat food options such as a buffet or passed appetizers. This gives guests the chance to mingle, play, and eat when they want to. You can add an extra touch by having drinks served by wait staff for an authentic feel.

Hire a DJ or Band

Another major thing people remember at an event is the music. Music can help you set the tone of the night for your casino party. Consider hiring a DJ or a live band to entertain your guests and set the ambiance.

Hire Real Dealers and Rent Authentic Equipment at Casino Parties Pittsburgh

At Casino Parties Pittsburgh, our dealers are highly-trained professionals who are prepared to provide you and your guests with a fun and authentic casino experience. We can also train your volunteers for the event. In addition to hiring our dealers, you can also rent authentic casino equipment from us.

From roulette tables to poker tables and everything in between, we’ve got you covered! See what other people have said in our testimonials! We will deliver and set up the equipment to make sure you have everything you ned for the perfect casino night.

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