Proper Casino Event Attire

You’ve been invited to a casino party! Now that you’ve sent your RSVP, you may be wondering what you should wear to the event. There are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing for casino events. Pittsburgh casino parties can be centered around a variety of themes.

A Guide to Pittsburgh Casino Night Attire

The theme of your corporate casino night can help you determine the most appropriate attire for you to wear. These themes include:

Casino Night Attire

Black Tie

In our experience, casino nights are a very popular option for events such as fundraisers. With a casino night, guests get into the excitement and in the spending mood as they gamble with fake money, leaving them plenty of real money for donations.

Black tie casino nights are very formal, allowing you to go all out. Formal wear appropriate for this type of event includes a nice suit or a tuxedo for men and a cocktail dress or floor-length gown for women.


When attending a corporate casino night, you can expect to see other attendees wearing business to business casual style outfits. You can either wear what you wear on casual Friday or feel free to take it up a notch and do a dressier business look. Also take into consideration whether there will be clients, vendors, or partners invited to the event. If they are, it may call for more of a buttoned-up look, keeping things fun but professional.

Queen of Hearts

With Alice in Wonderland continuing to remain popular, another casino theme that we commonly see is the Queen of Hearts theme. The Queens of Hearts was the leader of a legion of playing cards, making this theme an excellent match for a casino-themed event. Guest can dress up as characters from the Alice in Wonderland story or can keep it simple with attire in red and black.

Mardi Gras

This theme brings the fun and flair of New Orleans to your casino party event. This theme allows guests to wear colorful beads as well as fun costumes in bright, vibrant colors such as the traditional green and purple, as well as masks decorated with paint, jewels, and feathers.

Attire to Avoid Wearing at a Casino Night Event

In most cases, it is best to avoid wearing your casual clothes to any of these themed casino night events. These types of events tend to be more formal style events where business casual clothing or better is most appropriate.

What you wear to a casino party relies heavily on the theme of the event. If you are unsure of what attire would be most appropriate, be sure to contact the host of the event for clarification. Serving as the top service provider for casino nights in Pittsburgh, Casino Parties Pittsburgh has friendly, professional staff and a wide assortment of casino games to help your event go off without a hitch!

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