How to Raise the Most with Casino Fundraising

Donating to a worthy cause can make people feel good, but what if you could make fundraising even more enjoyable? With a casino party, you can provide a fun environment for attendees, while encouraging them to support the charity or charities and celebrate the funds being raised. Casino events are a popular option for Pittsburgh fundraiser and help you put the “fun” in fundraising! Continue reading

Host a Corporate Casino Party for Your Company!

The holiday season is closer than you think, so it may be an excellent time to start planning your company holiday party. If you are looking to impress your employees and provide them with a night of unforgettable fun, casino events are the way to go. Pittsburgh businesses can hire a full-service casino event provider for their event, who will provide the games and the dealers so you can relax and enjoy the party!

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5 Tips for Planning a Fundraiser

Whether you’ve been placed on the planning committee or you need to design a fundraiser event on your own, there are a variety of details you need to work out to ensure you host an event that will help to entice your guests to donate to your cause.

You will have to take the size of your organization and your donor level into consideration, but regardless of these factors, there are five main things you should focus on to help ensure a successful casino night.
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7 Rules of Poker Etiquette

Proper etiquette and poker go hand in hand. In a poker game, sometimes the rules of basic etiquette we learned as children can be left forgotten, especially in the event of a tense situation such as a contested hand. Poker also has its own etiquette, that can be overshadowed by the excitement of the game.

At Casino Party Pittsburgh, we’ve put together some information on the seven rules of poker etiquette that may come in handy during your next poker game in Pittsburgh. Continue reading

Beginners Guide to Casino Party Fundraising

Hosting a casino fundraiser in Pittsburgh may sound like a great time, but there is much more to hosting an event like this than just having fun. Decisions such as the date of the event and the time as well as the location and the venue are all significant factors playing a role in the success of your event.

The most critical element to your fundraiser is earning the support of your sponsors. At Casino Parties Pittsburgh, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to make your casino party fundraiser a success! Continue reading