Beginners Guide to Casino Party Fundraising

Hosting a casino fundraiser in Pittsburgh may sound like a great time, but there is much more to hosting an event like this than just having fun. Decisions such as the date of the event and the time as well as the location and the venue are all significant factors playing a role in the success of your event.

The most critical element to your fundraiser is earning the support of your sponsors. At Casino Parties Pittsburgh, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to make your casino party fundraiser a success!

Casino Fundraising Pittsburgh

Choose the Perfect Day for the Event

Selecting the best day for the event is crucial. For events like this, it is essential to plan your casino event six months to one year in advance. This will give the time to book your venue, entertainment, catering, and any other vendors you may need for your event. With the extra time, you can carefully plan your event to deliver a well-organized event for your guests.

Springtime, from the beginning of February through the end of May, is a popular time for casino nights in Pittsburgh. Fall fundraisers are also a popular choice, but many times schedule conflicts like football and the holidays can cause these events to fail. If you do choose to hold your event in the fall, be sure to avoid event dates that include, college, NFL or high school football games. Also, avoid dates close to the holidays.

Have a Sponsorship Strategy

The success of your fundraiser relies on sponsorships. One way to encourage sponsorships is to reconcile the amount it will cost you to rent each table game. Price these casino table games and sell them to sponsors for slightly more than you originally paid for them.

By selling the table games at a higher rate than what you paid, you can use the funds to cover your rental fees as well as some of the other fundraiser expenses. For each sponsor, create a 6” x 4” framed sponsor sign and place them on each of your rented table games that were sponsored. This provides the sponsorships with advertising for their company while helping you cover event expenses.

Offer the Option for In-Kind Donations

An in-kind donation is a donation of services or goods rather than a cash donation. If the donor can’t sponsor a table game, consider offering in-kind donations as a way for them to sponsor the event and use the in-kind donations for a raffle or a Chinese, live or silent auction.

In-kind donations are an excellent option for smaller businesses who want to sponsor the event. They typically donate items such as:

  • Business services
  • Gift cards
  • Food or wine baskets
  • Resort or hotel stays
  • Tickets to an event

Start by composing an event donation letter for your sales team to use to send out to potential sponsors. Gaining donations and sponsorships takes time, so it is essential to be sure you give yourself and your team with enough time before the event date to obtain the sponsorships and donations you need to make your event a success.

Hire Casino Parties Pittsburgh for Your Next Event

As you work on choosing the perfect date for the event and begin seeking sponsorships, it is also essential to be sure you select the best casino games provider in the area. The games, entertainment, and service at your casino night fundraiser can make or break your event.

Trust Casino Parties Pittsburgh to provide you with quality entertainment, professional service, and exciting casino games to help make your fundraiser a success. We offer the staff, entertainment, and music you need to show your guests a great time.

Team up with Casino Parties Pittsburgh to host an unforgettable casino night fundraiser! Contact us today to learn more about our wide variety of casino games.

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