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Ready to Play Craps?

Choosing the right mix of games for your Casino Party is the key to ensuring that your guests have a good variety to choose from, as well as giving them a chance to experience games that they may not have had a chance to try. While craps is a popular game in traditional casinos, a surprising number of people have yet to try their hand. Here are a few good reasons why craps is an excellent addition to any Casino Night:

Craps is an exciting game – Craps is not a single-player experience, and there is nothing more enjoying than seeing a crowd of people root for you to win. It is a natural choice for bringing players together at a single table and ensuring that they will all revel in each others’ experience.

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Craps is easy to learn – A simple understanding of the basics of the game and how to make a pass line bet gets you into the game. Once you understand the basic pass line bet, it is easy to enter into the game and start winning!

Craps will bring your crowd together – No single casino game can build camaraderie like craps. Guests do not need to be acquainted to share in the experience, and by the time they are done playing, they will have built a shared bond of the love of winning with total strangers!

Your dealer is able to join in the fun – Nowhere does the dealer play a more important part than in a craps game. In craps, your dealer is more than just a method of delivering the game, they are a part of it. From teaching the basics to building momentum, a good craps dealer knows how to turn up the excitement and keep the table rolling!

Casinos Unlimited employs a trained, professional staff who is dedicated to performing the highest level of service to ensure that your guests have the time of their life at your Casino Night Event. Our craps dealers will educate your guests on the basics of the game and walk them through to ensure they understand the rules, as well as delivering those extra personal touches that make your guests want to stay and play!

We also have a number of other games, such as blackjack, roulette, poker, and slots, to give your guests a variety of choices. Our professional staff will help you determine which games will work best for your particular event as well as how many tables are needed to accommodate your guests. We do the work, you have the fun – contact us today to learn more about our card, wheel, and slot casino games!

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