How To Throw The Perfect Casino Party

Casino Parties in Pittsburgh

Need some tips on how to throw an epic Casino Party that your guests will not only enjoy, but remember for years to come? Here is a guide to creating a memorable evening, with everything you need to throw the perfect Casino Night!

more–>Choose the games that you feel your guests will most enjoy. You want to take into account the number of guests and make sure that you have enough gaming tables so that all of your guests can participate. The basic rule of thumb is to have enough tables for 70 percent of your guests to play at one time, especially if your Casino Games are the sole entertainment for the evening. Casino Unlimited has a variety of gaming tables, including:

• Poker
• Craps
• Blackjack
• Roulette
• Slot Machines

Our expert staff can help you to determine the proper amount of tables to have so that your guests will be able to take advantage of all the games you have to offer.

Food and Beverage

Refreshments are an important part of any party. Because your guests are going to be engaging in table games as well as mingling, finger foods are always the best option. Having a table set up with various hors d’oeuvres allows your guests to grab and go, without things getting messy!

As far as drinks, it will depend on whether or not you choose to serve alcoholic beverages. Beer and wine is a budget-friendly choice, as well as being a good option for a self-serve bar. If you choose to serve liquor, be sure to have a bartender on-hand to serve the drinks, to ensure that they are made correctly.


When it comes to decorations, the creative possibilities are endless! Red, white and black are the most common color schemes for a Casino Night Party. Tablecloths, dice box centerpieces, and giant playing cards can complement your theme perfectly. With the increasing popularity of Casino Parties, there are many companies that have expanded their inventory to include a number of creative Casino Night decorations.


The prizes you need depend on how you wish to award them. Are you offering a grand prize to the person with the most chips at the end, or are you looking to have them bid on prizes via auction style? Be sure to choose prizes that appeal to the age and gender of the guests you are planning to invite.

For more advice on how to make your Casino Night a success, or to book your Casino Party today, contact the professionals at Casino Unlimited. Our decades of experience helping to plan Casino parties throughout Pittsburgh and the Tri-State area means that you are getting the benefit of our expertise! We look forward to helping you plan your Casino Party!

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