How to Host an Outdoor Casino Party

With COVID-19 restrictions limiting indoor gatherings to 25 people, many people are looking for ways to safely hold events outdoors. In Pennsylvania, outdoor gatherings of up to 250 people are permitted, allowing for events such as an outdoor casino party to be held.
Whether you need to fundraise for your organization or host a company party, an outdoor casino party is a great way to safely hold an event for your colleagues or coworkers, while remaining in compliance with PA COVID-19 regulations.

outdoor casino party

Tips for Hosting an Amazing Casino Party

Pick a Theme that Accents the Outdoors

Whether you want a flashy Las Vegas feel or want to take people back in time to the 1920s, there are a variety of ways to use floral arrangements, centerpieces, and candles to set the scene. For a
Las Vegas theme, consider dice, red floral arrangements with black accents, and even some glitter to create the flash and fun Vegas is known for.
You may want to add flapper style items with sequins and feathers for the 1920s feel, or you may even consider a luau theme with beautiful summer flowers and soft candlelight to make your guest feel like they are on a tropical island.

Add Music to Boost the Party

Consider hiring a DJ or creating a playlist to provide background music to add to the exciting atmosphere of the casino party. You can even match the music to your theme, playing jazz or today’s hits to keep guests upbeat. Our professional DJs can help you set the mood for your event and keep the party moving.

Utilize Patio Space with Lighting

Many casino games include cards, so if you plan to be outside, it’s important to have a way to protect these games from the wind. By using a canopy tent, you can keep the cards from blowing away. Since these games can only have so many players, social distancing rules can be followed while in the canopy tent.

Keep the Bugs Away

Summertime brings warm weather and swarming bugs. The last thing you want is for your guests to be bothered by insects buzzing around. Consider using tiki torches with citronella fuel to add the perfect summer flair or citronella candles for ambient lighting to help keep the pests away.

Get Authentic Casino Games from Casino Parties Pittsburgh

At Casino Parties Pittsburgh, we have an endless variety of casino games and all the accessories needed to make your outdoor casino party a hit! From chips or play money to raffle tickets, we can supply everything you need! Our dealers are highly-trained and experienced to provide your guests with the most authentic experience. We will also deliver and set up your event and clean up afterward so you can enjoy your event with no worries.
To learn more about throwing a casino party, contact us today!
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