Everything You Need For A Casino Night!

Casino Night!

Is your organization looking for a new and creative charity fundraiser? Are you looking for something unique, that sets you apart from the overwhelming number of catalog fundraisers that are everywhere once school has started? Why not try a Casino Night Fundraiser with Casinos Unlimited?

Casino Night Fundraisers are an increasingly popular way for organizations to raise funds, as they are set apart from the numerous fundraisers that have saturated the market. Casino Night Fundraisers never get old, and can be made to provide a unique and entertaining evening for guests to enjoy that can profit your organization. There are a number of things you can do to set your Casino Night Fundraiser apart from the rest, including customizing your theme, providing additional entertainment, and adding a Bake Sale, Chinese Auction or Raffle.

Casino Party

Casinos Unlimited of Pittsburgh is the Tri-State area’s most comprehensive service dedicated to helping organizations run a successful Casino Night Fundraiser, with the knowledge and the experience to guide you through the entire process. As a division of Entertainment Unlimited, western Pennsylvania’s party and entertainment headquarters, Casinos Unlimited is prepared to handle the details so that you can focus on the goals at hand – raising funds. We provide:

  • Gaming supplies and equipment needed to hold your Casino Night Fundraiser
  • Casino pit boss as well as professional dealers
  • Chips or play money, raffle tickets
  • Set up and delivery – Casinos Unlimited will spare you the time and hassle of setting up, so that you can enjoy the evening with your guests!
  • Tear down and cleanup – Once the event is over, our staff will take care of the equipment and supplies, so that you can get down to the business of tallying your profits.

In addition, Casinos Unlimited provides professional training should your organization choose to use your own dealers. Our dealers are trained ensure that you have a real life casino experience or, if you choose, to train your volunteer dealers the proper techniques so that they will have the proper skills to have a successful evening.

All you need to get started planning your Casino Night Fundraiser is to contact Casinos Unlimited today! Whether you are considering your fundraising options or are in the planning stages, it is never to early to book your Casino Night event!

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