Add the Bells and Whistles of Slot Machines to Your Casino Night Event

Slot Machines

Casino Unlimited continues to bring you the best in Casino Theme Party entertainment! Are you considering hosting a Casino Party and wondering which games would work best for your crowd? Or have you already started the planning process and wanting to give your guests a little extra excitement? Casino Unlimited offers slot machine rentals that anyone can play, for those who want to play at their own pace without having to learn the rules of play. Slot machines add an extra level of entertainment and excitement that will have your guests begging for another casino theme party next year!

Whether you are planning a Casino Night Fundraiser, corporate event, home casino or birthday party, or an engaging event for an After-Prom, your guests whether they are clients, employees, co-workers, patrons, donors, young adults or otherwise, everyone has their game of choice. Adding to the casino theme party experience with slot machines allows your guests to have more options to participate in the entertainment, where they will stay longer to mingle, donate, and rave about the party for weeks afterwards!

Slot Machines

Our slot machine rentals are delivered and set up at the same time as your other Casino Game rentals, along with all of the equipment that you need to have a successful event. Slot machines generate noise and excitement, and are a bonus to any Casino Night Event! At Casino Unlimited, we have been hosting successful Casino Night Events around Pittsburgh and the Tri-State area, and we look forward to helping make your night a success! We have the tools, the knowledge and the experience to help ensure that your guests have a night to remember, from the ultimate in Casino Games to additional entertainment such as bands or a DJ. Contact us today and see how Casino Unlimited can turn your event into a night to remember!

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