A Guide To Casino Party Decorating and Favors

Throwing a Casino Party in Pittsburgh can be a fun and exciting event, regardless of the occasion. Casino Parties are suited for all ages and all types of events, from fundraisers, corporate events, holiday parties, and even private parties. When it comes to providing a festive atmosphere, decorations can help to add a certain ambiance, while favors provide a memorable keepsake of the evening. Because each Casino Party is so different in terms of occasion and the number and ages of guests
invited, here is a brief guide that may help you choose your decor and favors:

Centerpieces – A centerpiece is meant to draw attention and to make a statement. For a Casino Party, themed centerpieces can help guests get into the spirit of the evening, as well as complement the theme. If the Casino Party involves a sit down dinner, it is important not to make the centerpieces too large, as they can take away room that guests need to eat. For buffet and snack tables, fun and festive centerpieces can be used. For long tables, you can use several placed at specific points on the table. For smaller tables, try something creative and use different, fun designs at each table.

Wall decor – The use of wall decor depends entirely on the space in which you are having your Casino Party. If the space is rented, be sure to check what is allowed before you purchase any wall decor. You want your wall decor to complement your theme without your guests feeling “overcrowded.” A few select, well-placed pieces can complement your event without making it look too busy.

BalloonsBalloons in casino-themed colors can be beautiful, no matter the occasion. However, it is important to keep in mind when planning your Casino Party that latex balloons last an average of 12 to 20 hours, so be sure not to order them too far in advance. Balloon bouquets done by a professional, such as arches and bouquets, last longer because they are not filled with helium.

Favors – Favors are an optional item for a Casino Party. However, they are a nice keepsake to offer your guests. For a birthday party, small favors or favor bags are traditionally provided to guests, the contents of which are determined by age. For a Corporate Party or  Casino Fundraiser, this is a good time to showcase your brand or cause by offering promotional merchandise as favors.


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