5 Tips for Planning a Fundraiser

Whether you’ve been placed on the planning committee or you need to design a fundraiser event on your own, there are a variety of details you need to work out to ensure you host an event that will help to entice your guests to donate to your cause.

You will have to take the size of your organization and your donor level into consideration, but regardless of these factors, there are five main things you should focus on to help ensure a successful casino night.
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7 Rules of Poker Etiquette

Proper etiquette and poker go hand in hand. In a poker game, sometimes the rules of basic etiquette we learned as children can be left forgotten, especially in the event of a tense situation such as a contested hand. Poker also has its own etiquette, that can be overshadowed by the excitement of the game.

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Beginners Guide to Casino Party Fundraising

Hosting a casino fundraiser in Pittsburgh may sound like a great time, but there is much more to hosting an event like this than just having fun. Decisions such as the date of the event and the time as well as the location and the venue are all significant factors playing a role in the success of your event.

The most critical element to your fundraiser is earning the support of your sponsors. At Casino Parties Pittsburgh, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to make your casino party fundraiser a success! Continue reading

Casino Party Nights Laws in Pittsburgh

Holding a casino party night in Pittsburgh for your next fundraising event is a great way to keep guest entertained and provide them with an evening to remember! If you are considering hosting a casino night, it is essential to understand the Pennsylvania gambling laws regarding casino night parties.

Casino Night Pittsburgh

How PA Gambling Laws Affect Casino Parties

According to the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, all forms of gambling are considered to be illegal unless the gambling activity is authorized by the Pennsylvania Legislature.

The State of Pennsylvania says that the act of gambling exists when a payment of consideration or a fee or something of value is charged for the opportunity to win a prize or reward by chance. To be considered gambling, three elements are involved, including:
  • Consideration- the fee you pay to play or purchase casino chips
  • Chance- the wheels, the dice, the cards
  • Prize or reward- anything of value that is won as a result of the game. This applies to Chinese auctions, raffle tickets, etc.

With these elements in mind, event organizers cannot charge for chips and cannot allow them to be redeemed for raffle tickets, prizes, or anything else of value.

Common Misconceptions about Casino Party Laws

Under Pennsylvania law, only casinos can operate live cash gaming.  If you are sell chips to your guests or convert their winning chips into raffle tickets or prices, you are violating PA state gambling laws. Even if you are selling or the redeeming the chips in the name of a charity, you are still breaking the law.

Many people think they are operating within the law when they sell or redeem chips for a charity fundraiser, but in Pennsylvania, that is not the case. To operate within the law, all gaming must be complimentary for your event, with no purchase required to play the casino games.

Professional Pittsburgh Casino Party Services

At Casino Parties Pittsburgh, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping you plan your casino fundraising event in Pittsburgh following Pennsylvania state law. We offer a great variety of casino games to keep your guest entertained.

From Poker and Blackjack to wheel games, Over & Under, as well as a wide range of card games, your customized casino party night is sure to be a hit! Contact us today to learn more about our casino games services.